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Artistic Expression Group



Begins and ends with

creating your own mask

    • Wednesdays April 3 – May 22, 2019
    • 7:00 PM TO 9:00 PM
    • $240.00 for 8 weeks
    • Registration for next session is open
    • Maximum 6 participants
    • Call 306.347.2273 to register
    • Includes Art Supplies

Registration information can be found at Artistic Expression Group Registration 2018


This incredible free program was sponsored by SaskPower for new immigrants in the community. From March 28th to May 16th our participants were able to experience many different modes of artistic expression. Our facilitators lead sessions in string art, scribble art, paint blob, shadow painting, highlight painting and art journaling. The 8 week session began with every participant painting a mask to illustrate their feelings at that time and ended with them painting a companion mask that illustrated their feelings at the end of the journey. Thanks so much to SaskPower, our facilitators and participants.

Artistic Expression can help heal. Come….

Discover it for yourself

The Caring Place would like to thank ..

The Scotia Bank for their donations of furniture and walls for the new Artistic Expression room.

SaskPower for a grant for the New Unloneliness Project to support new immigrants in finding their Home in their New Land.

Thanks also go to:

Fries Tallman for their in-kind support of building materials.

Duke Architectural for the donation of a loaner kiln

Chaunce Olson for building the new space

Doug Scheurwater Paragon Projects for electrical work

Artists Tracy Rodrigues and Sara Derkson who painted murals,

The Glen Elm Church of Christ, and The Chinese Alliance Missions Committee for their amazing financial support that has made the launching of this program possible.

Artistic Expression – When We Cannot Find Words to Speak

When our world encourages us to suppress our emotions we learn to put on a blank face – which suppresses our inner turmoil.

In artistic expression, words are not always necessary. A mere lump of clay or a blank canvas can be far less threatening than giving voice to painful feelings.

The simple act of journaling can bring light to darkness, ignite conversation, or be a release for a depressing thought.

Because something is not spoken does not mean that nothing is being said or revealed. Artistic Expression supports us when words are not enough.

Artistic Expression can give you the capacity to feel again

Artistic Expression can help you understand your feelings. Sometimes life’s struggles cause us to feel numb or distanced from our feelings – unable to express them.

Creating Art opens the doors of our hearts to expression and emotion and helps us to unlock those feelings. Once you have created something concrete which acknowledges your emotions it is easier to give yourself permission to find voice to express them. You may be surprised how you get a sense of relief when your depression is transferred to canvas or clay.

Artistic Expression can help you Create Your Own Happiness

When we look at or create something of meaning and beauty our bodies release a hormone (dopamine) which releases pleasure in our brains and increases our sense of positive feelings.

When working closely with a Mental Health Therapist clients explore and proactively manage and overcome their challenges … the result is something truly beautiful!

Artistic Expression can be a way to work through grief, depression, fear, rejection or even loneliness.

Our Mental Health Therapists work with local artist(s) helping individuals to use various forms of art to express their feelings, music to lift themselves above their realities, and drama to explore who they want to become.

As individuals explore, a mental health counselor skillfully helps discover the meaning of the work they are creating.

Can Art be Medicine?

Artistic Expression is a growing field – whose acceptance has catapulted with the work done by Michelle Obama and the Guggenheim Institute working with returning soldiers who experience post- traumatic stress disorder.

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