Workplace Training & Workshops

We provide Saskatchewan businesses and associations with evidence-based mental health workshops and training to create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces.

We understand that every company is different, so we tailor our workshops to suit your needs.  Sessions can be adapted to each working environment and can be bundled with other trainings. Trainings are offered either online or in-person.

Travelling is available for out-of-town training requests. 

Workshops Currently Available

Roadside Assistance
for Mental Health

In this program we learn about checking in with ourselves. Working on understanding our current state through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions can help us create coping strategies and alert us when we may need more support. Check-ins with self and employees can create a more harmonious and balanced work-life relationship with employees. Participants will leave with a personalized plan on how to check in with themselves and ways to find ongoing support when/if it is needed.

Dealing With Trauma
in the Work Place

In this program we discuss the ways that trauma can infiltrate our work lives or affect our home lives. We talk about the window of tolerance, instinctual responses to trauma, how to cope and make a personal plan for handling trauma at work, and how to support peers. This program is designed for organizations that may handle crisis regularily, be exposed to concerning images or case details, or work in helping fields. Take-home materials are supplied. 

Burnout Support

In this program we discuss ways that burnout can be so common in our work or life in general. Specifically, we focus on ways to spot it in others and how to be a support to our peers and supervisees. We also talk about the importance of self-care and ways to incorporate it so that we can effectively support those around us. This program is beneficial for organizations where there is a high work load that may create unmanageable stress for employees and supervisers. 

Workplace Mindfulness

In this program we talk about what it means to be mindful. We talk about recognizing all the things that could potentially be important in a situation and how to focus on what is most important. This requires us to be able to check in with ourselves and evaluate on a regular basis what is the most important priority for the moment. This workshop incorperates elements of time management skills, stress management, and self-awareness.  

Mental Health Tips of the Holidays

In this program we talk about some of the most common struggles that we have around the holiday season and some tips for dealing with them to make the holiday or large gathering as pleasant as possible, knowing that family dynamics can be complicated. 

Just like our name suggests, we’re passionate about providing high quality mental health training and support to workplaces in Regina and Saskatchewan.

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